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My art is about spirituality, life and death, and meaning.

First of all, for me, art is a record of healing, expression and reflection. For my audience, I would like my art to be known as art that encourages people to live better in various ways. The forms and styles can vary, but the core of my works has always told the same story. This story is about childhood, psychology, the meaning of death and life, about meditation, religion, about living in the present and finding oneself. I want to use art to make people a little happier, not the happiness of entertainment, but the deep long-term consistant happiness that comes from having a deeper understanding of yourself and the world.

What inspires me to create art is, from a small perspective, my childhood experiences, my reflections, my gratitude and perception after my illness and pain, my love for the world, and from a larger perspective, perhaps the emptiness brought to me by this era and my search for the laws of this world.