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b. 1998

Lives and works in London.


Luna Sue Huang (b.1998) is a Chinese artist currently based in London. She graduated from the Hubei Institute of Fine Arts in Painting in 2019, and then completed the MA in Illustration and Visual Media at the University of the Arts London in 2021.


She primarily works with the medium of painting, drawing, and printmaking. Her work is heavily influenced by her interest in feminism and spiritual introspection. She uniquely blends these themes with a focus on the traditional colors of Chinese Dunhuang wall paintings, incorporating enigmatic symbols and a keen sense of composition and rhythm. Inspired by Eastern philosophy, she narrates in a calm, poetic way, expressing hidden and profound emotions, and raising her own questions about real societal issues.


2024                  The Way of All Flesh, Saatchi Gallery & Delphian Gallery, London

                            Group exhibition, Shapes & Things, London

                           "Papier Vol.2" Group Show, Delphian Gallery, Paja&Bureau, Helsinki


2023                  RA Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy of Arts, London

                           Delphian Open Call Winners Exhibition, Unit 1 Gallery Workshop, London

                           "Papier" Group Show, Delphian Gallery x La Madeleine, France

                           "Wild Is The Wind" Group Show, Hew Hood Gallery, London

                           "Secreats" Group Exhibition, Pilgrims Contemporary Gallery, Keswick

                           "Roots of Day - Dying on the vine" Group Exhibition, JC Gallery, London

                           "Floating" A Figurative Exhibition, Pilgrims Contemporary Gallery, Keswick

                           The First Hubei Youth Fine Arts works Exhibition, Hubei Institute Of Fine Arts Museum

                           Open Call Exhibition x Invited Artists, Tart Gallery, London

                           London Paint Club ‘Threads of Perception’ Online Exhibition

                           Outlook : Contemporary Chinese Art Exhibition

2022               THE INCORRIGIBLE DRAWING CLÜB Online Group Show

                           Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair, London

                           Crystal Clear Group Show, 仲町の家, Tokyo

                           Color 2022, CICA Museum, Korea

2021                  Luna Sue X Yang Double Solo Exhibition, Hui Space, Beijing

                          ‘Elephant Without Castle' Exhibition, TED Hangzhou, Hangzhou

                          'With.In - Belonging is Here' art exhibition, SPARC Space, Venice, Italy

2020                 ‘Urban Renewal’ Exhibition, White Culture

                          Multiplicity Exhibition, Corsica Studio, London

                          Childish Everywhere, Shenzhen

                          ‘YiXiangYiXiang’ Online Group Exhibition

2019                 The 2nd Graduates Art Fair Shenzhen, China

                          The 3rd 'Golden Time' Graduated Works Exhibition, Star Space, Wuhan



2023                 Delphain Gallery open call 2023 winner

2022                 WSXA Paris International Awards, Best Experimental Film, Award Winner

                          Europe Independent Movie Festival, Best Animation Short Film, Award Winner

                          Madonie Film Festival, Region of Sicily, Best Animation, Award Winner

                          Eastern Europe Film Festival, Best Animation, Honorable Mention

                          Mannheim Arts and Film Festival, Best Animation, Honorable Mention




2023                 'Sun and Moon' The Exhibition of Dialogue Between Emerging Artists From the East and West, The Goose Corporation Art Gallery, Wuhan

2021                 Between Shan Shui Group Show, 1974 Club, London

                          Beyond Nature Group Show, Wendle Court, London

2020                 MultipliCity Group Show, Corsica Studio, London



2023                 'London Paint Club' Magazine Issue No.3

2022                 Emerging Artist Luna Sue Huang: Depicting a Healing Poem from a Female Perspective with Brushes, China Civilized Network, 25/04/2023

                         Luna Sue Huang: Painting Is A Pure Land I Am Glad I Have It, Art China, 24/11/2022

                          Creating 'Poetic' Paintings That Tell Their Own Stories, Yachang Art News, 08/10/2022


2019-2021       ​London College of Communication, MA Illustration and Visual Media

2015-2019       Hubei Insitute of Fine Arts, BA Painting


Growing up in a strict traditional Chinese family, I've always felt torn between societal expectations and my rebellious nature, fuelling my quest for identity and shaping my artistic journey. This personal struggle, combined with my experience living in a Buddhist temple learning Vipassana Meditation, deepened my connection to the universe and inspired my exploration of emotional connections and societal issues through art.


Within the context of contemporary art, my artistic practice adopts a unique perspective, focusing on feminism, Western psychoanalysis, and Eastern Zen philosophy to explore how everything is emotionally interconnected. My art centres on topics that aren't often discussed in the mainstream Western art scene, such as the impact of traditional Asian family values and socio-cultural pressures on Asian women and the LGBTQ+ community. It discusses themes of self-alienation, transformation, suppression, introspection, confinement, and surveillance.


By combining my personal experiences with broader societal themes, my art is not only a journey of self-discovery and enhancing social consciousness but also a testament to the power of art as a means of expression and healing. It validates and affirms human emotions, fostering resilience and determination in the face of adversity and the transient nature of life.


Deeply influenced by Eastern philosophy, my work is characterised by tranquillity, poetry, and symbolism. I aim to capture the fleeting emotional moments of life, transforming socio-cultural issues into new forms of self-reflection and questioning on both personal and societal levels.


Furthermore, my project highlights the significant progress of Asian women in self-awakening and self-education in recent years, showcasing the process of self-remaking through art. This exploration is not only a personal and societal journey but also demonstrates the inner strength and capacity for self-recovery of Asian women, showing how they achieve empowerment and psychological independence through enhanced self-awareness, education, and artistic creation.

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