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Embracing My Affinity: Exploring the Colours

Seems like everyone has an affinity they can’t resist, I’ve decided to embrace my affinity. I love colour, I love multi colour, I will be impressed by monocolour artwork, but for my own creation I always can’t resist adding colour, colours always make me cheerful.

I love using multi colour, meanwhile show the tone of the whole paintings, which means there are many colours in the work, but they have to be in a subtle balance and aim to achieve the harmony of the whole work. They can be used to express light, decoration, and interesting, unusual compositions, which work together to better convey emotions.

The content I paint, or the object, in that case, is my playground to play with all the colours, my object is a playground to study and be engaged. Painting still life will be easier to achieve this goal, still life itself sometimes has decoration elements and symbolic meaning behind it, human’s face is really strong and attractive for viewers, it will make viewers focus more on the content itself but the whole feeling (sometimes), while with still life, viewers will focus more on the entire painting. But most of time without human’s interaction, I always feel the paintings lack of something, it’s too still and calm for me, I like a calm vibe, for me, silence and calmness undoubtedly convey stronger emotions (even so strong that the human figures in my paintings cannot express it, they have to be silent to resist it).

For human figures, I use clothes as decorative elements to play with colours, or the structure of figure, however that can make colour quite limited, and this methods reply on light and shadow a lot. I am doing more practical experiments toward this recently. I have to be loyal to visual part of artwork at the end of the story, for achieving that goal I can adjust my work, step out of my comfort zone to try new things out.

I know my most used colour is red and pink, that limited the possibility of my paintings, so I have been pushing myself to step out of the comfort zone, try all the different colour, apparently not all the colour can suit each other well. If all the colors take the same proportion without any arrangement on the canvas, it won't make sense either.

Use neutral colour, to make multi-colour less cheesy(Kitsch), and use similar colour to combine them into a new colour, bravely put contrast colour inside each colour, make them strong, and vivid, but also in the tone, then the whole painting tone is set, play with it and always be ready to break it.



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